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Year 5 European Day

Year 5 held a European Day which was a creative day where we learned lots of new and exciting things about different countries in Europe.

We used different types of mediums to create replicas of the flags of the European countries. We also used atlases to research geographical features of the continent of Europe such as major mountain ranges, lakes, seas and oceans. We used the laptops and the flag database to find out about the different flags of the different countries. We also used the laptops to research a European country of our own choice to find out things such as population, climate, famous landmarks, languages spoken etc.

We also researched whether or not a country used the Euro as its currency. As well as all of this, we were also able to cook, make and eat a variety of foods from different European countries, such as rye bread from the Czech

Republic and Poland, Tzatziki from Greece, gazpacho from Spain, risotto from Italy and a range of cheeses from Switzerland. Lots of our parents joined us and took part in our fantastic day.

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