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Reception Trip to Chinatown

As part of our topic on Chinese New Year we went to Chinatown this week. We had studied pictures of the Chinese Arch in school so it how big it is in real life. We tried hard to sketch it – some of the children’s sketches were very impressive and detailed. We walked passed the lions at the base of the arch and gave the paw a rub – this is supposed to bring good luck. We do hope so!

After a walk along Stowell Street looking at the decorations and in the restaurant windows, we went into the Chinese Supermarket and looked at all the different vegetables and products. They had lots of lovely decorations as well. The highlight of the trip was eating our dinner in the Chinese Restaurant. We tried lots of different foods – prawn crackers, rice, noodles, chicken and sweetcorn soup, spring rolls to name a few. After we had tried the Chinese food, the children had some chips, chicken nuggets and pizza to finish off!

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