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Newcastle Eagles visit Year 5!

Year 5 were lucky enough to be visited by three Newcastle Eagles players, Themba Yabantu, Eddie Matthew and Kai Williams, as part of the Hoops 4 Health Basketball Roadshow.

Kai started the session by discussing how we can keep healthy, including exercising often, eating well and drinking lots of water. We participated in a ‘fitness station’, which involved lots of different exercises to raise our heart rates!

Next, we had a workshop about healthy eating, led by Eddie.  We discussed what we eat each day and how this compares to a basketballer’s diet. We talked about how food is labelled with traffic lights to help guide us in what foods are best to eat.

After that, Themba talked to us about being confident and proud of our talents and achievements and we had a chance to share what we felt we are really good at!

Finally, we had the opportunity to participate in lots of different basketball drills, including passing the ball between our fingertips and dribbling.  We had a fantastic afternoon with the players, exercising and learning about staying healthy and active!

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