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Big Spell 2020

This week, we held our grand final of the St Lawrence’s Big Spell 2020.

For the last four weeks, we have all been working very hard to learn our Spelling lists.  We went through several knockout rounds – a big test to show our starting point, a big test to show how much progress we have made, how many words can you spell in a minute and spell until you make a mistake.  Our three finalists went through to the ‘live show’ – they were very confident and impressed us so much with their tremendous spelling skills.

Well done to our Spelling Champions for 2020.

Year 3 – Andy, Oliver and Rayan

Year 4 – Hyab, Angellina and Lily-Mae

Year 5 – Beth, Lennon and Zarah

Year 6 – Ike, Sonny and Kornel

Congratulations to those children who made the greatest progress in each year group.

Year 3 – Mendy and Riona

Year 4 – Paddy and Sophie

Year 5 – Matida and Sophie W

Year 6 – Daniel, Charlie and Jessica


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