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Our Curriculum for September


St Lawrence’s Recovery Curriculum Autumn 2020

We are very excited to be able to welcome all our children back to St Lawrence’s in September.

Please download our Recovery Curriculum from the link above, which outlines our approach to teaching and learning in the Autumn Term.   We have followed advice from Department for Education, Education Gateshead and Newcastle City Council.

The Autumn Term will be a balancing act between settling children back in, addressing the pastoral needs that children have and kickstarting education.  Children will need time to readjust to learning so our curriculum has a progressive structure which recognises this.

Government guidance states that substantial modification to the curriculum may be needed at the start of the year, so teaching time should be prioritised ton address significant gaps in pupil’s knowledge with the aim of returning to the school’s normal curriculum content by no later than summer term 2021.

With this in mind, our Recovery Curriculum in the Autumn Term will prioritise Reading, Writing, Maths Key Skills, RE, Art, Music, Exercise and Well-Being. 

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