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The results of Year 4’s toothy eggs-periment

Today Year 4 made careful observations and recorded the results of our experiment to find the effects of different liquids on eggshells. We found some surprising – and not so surprising – results.

The most gruesome result was this eggshell which had been left in a popular energy drink – look at the crystals of sugar! The egg also had a sticky, slimy texture when we touched it.

We were surprised by the effect of the orange juice. The acids or sugars in the juice seemed to soften and slightly dissolve the eggshell.

Here are the eggshells we left in tap water (left) and our control egg, which we left in nothing (right). We noticed how the eggshell in water was only slightly discoloured compared to the control egg.

And here is the eggshell we left in a popular cola drink. We were confident in our prediction that the egg would turn a much darker shade, and we were right!

We finished our experiment with a much clearer idea of what could happen to our teeth if we don’t brush them regularly!

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