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Traditional Tales in Year 1

This half term, Year 1 have been reading lots of well known traditional tales. One of our favourites was the tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We listened carefully to the story and acted it out in small groups in front of our peers. We thought about each character in the story and tried to use our voices and act in the way that the characters did in the original story.

We used the text to practise writing sentences using capital letters and full stops in the correct places.

We then went on to join two sentences together using the conjunction ‘and’.

The children were then ready for their Big Write. Their task was to write a sorry letter from the wolf to the Three Little Pigs. They were asked to correctly punctuate their sentences with capital letters and full stops and join two sentences together using the conjunction ‘and’.

Following our work in English and our Big Write, we made links to Science and our work on ‘Everyday Materials’. The children were put into groups with each group making a house of straw, sticks or bricks. Their houses were then put to the test to see how strong they were. We counted how many hairdryers it took to blow them down.

We then carried out an investigation to find the best material for making a jacket for the Three Little Pigs whilst they were building their houses in extreme weather. The children tested materials to see if they were waterproof, flexible and durable.

We have read many traditional tales over this half term and thoroughly enjoyed looking closely at each story and the characters we have come across. Our class display of traditional stories and puppets continue to be loved by all of the children in Year 1.

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