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Year 2 visit Broxfield farm

Year 2 had an exciting visit to Broxfield Farm in Northumberland as part of our work on contrasting localities in Geography.

Mr Thompson; The Farmer told us all about his farm. We went on a trailer ride around his farm to see his herd of sheep.

Mr Thompson told us all about his crop of wheat. We felt the seeds and thought of adjectives to describe them.

Ashleigh showed us how they move the seeds and then we all sat in the large scoop in the tractor!

After lunch we made scarecrows to scare the birds away from the crops, we worked in three groups; it was great fun! We gave our scarecrows names!

We made up some scarecrow dances!



We enjoyed a good run around in a field before we got on the bus!

We were all very tired at the end of this fabulous day!

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