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Materials in Year 2



Year 2 are enjoying finding out all about different types of materials in Science. We looked at lots of different types of materials and thought of words to describe them.

We investigated where these materials came from; whether they were natural or man made.

We enjoyed investigating our school environment thinking about the materials which things are made from.

As part of our work about materials we visited The Shipley Art Gallery. They have an amazing collection of exhibits made from different types of materials.

We found out that there are 13 different types of materials in the museum. We really enjoyed looking at all of the exhibits.


The Museum has many items made from different types of fabrics. We looked at the origins of these items by investigating wool, cotton and silk.

After we had investigated the fabrics we made our own piece of felt using wool.

We also investigated the museum’s collection of ceramics.

We used clay to make our own ceramic pots.


We have learnt so much about different materials during this project.

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