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Autumn in Year 2

Year 2 have enjoyed a fabulous day today linking lots of areas of the curriculum together around the theme of Autumn.

We started the day going for a nature walk around our school grounds and looking for signs of Autumn.

We then came back to class and thought of lots of adjectives to describe Autumn.

We wrote our adjectives onto a leaf shape and then we coloured it in Autumn colours.

We then used our adjectives to write an acrostic Autumn poem together which we performed using actions.

We enjoyed listening to Autumn stories and singing Autumn songs.

In the afternoon we did lots of art work related to Autumn. We looked at the veins on the leaves an tried to draw them. Then we enjoyed doing some leaf rubbings. We finished the afternoon by painting an Autumn tree.

What a fabulous day and we learnt such a lot.

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