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Year 2 Visit To Broxfield Farm

Year 2 visited Broxfield Farm in Northumberland on Friday 21st October. This visit was part of our Geography work this term about making comparisons between Urban and Rural environments and with our Science work about growing and changing.

We looked at the crops with Mr Thompson the farmer;

We picked wheat and then we learnt how to grind it to make flour.

Mr Thompson showed us his cows and calves. We learned about how Mr Thompson looks after the cows and how the calves are born and grow. We were surprised to see the 3 week old calf running around the field and thought about how this is very different to a human baby! We enjoyed riding on Mr Thompson’s tractor and trailer..

The highlight of the day was making scarecrows in the barn.

Click on the links below to watch our scarecrow dances!





It was a wonderful day and we really learnt a lot. We were all very tired on the way back!


A big thank you to Mr Thompson and The Countryside Trust for facilitating this fabulous day.

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