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Science and Technology Workshop in Year 2

Technology Tom visited our school today as part of our Science work about materials.

We looked at lots of different types of materials and what they are used for. We all had our own suitcase of materials to investigate, we were material detectives. We categorised each material into different groups.

We made a fishing rod with a magnet on the end and experimented to see which materials were attracted to the magnet. It was interesting to find that not all coins are attracted to a magnet.

Two super scientists in Year 2 made a discovery, they  found that this was because bronze coins are not attracted to the magnet but copper or steal coins are.

In the afternoon we used what we had learnt about materials to select materials to make a bridge.

We joined our bridges together to make a long bridge, just like the Romans did and we made Roman soldiers to march across our bridge.

We had an amazing day and we learnt a lot about the properties of materials. Thank you Technology Tom.


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