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Bishop Bewick CET Art Exhibition-‘Stronger Together’

As a school we were delighted to take part in the first Bishop Bewick Art Exhibition. The event is to help celebrate our key values of being stronger together and greater than the sum of our parts. Each class took part and spent a day working together to produce some fabulous pieces of work for the exhibition which is going to be displayed at the Discovery Museum in June!

Our Nursery children worked together as a team to produce their piece of art work.  They used a large tough tray to manoeuvre various sized balls in different coloured paint to create these patterns.  They had to work closely together to coordinate their movements. The squeals of laughter and negotiations that went with this showed just how strong they are together.  What great fun they had!


Reception Class love to play with the cogs so they used these as their inspiration. They investigated how one cog on its own can spin and turn but when placed together, they all move which means one cog gives the other strength and movement. In order to represent this in their work, they used paint to print with the cogs. They combined the prints to represent the Bishop Bewick Trust. The logo’s of all the schools in the trust were included to demonstrate that we are all stronger together!


Year 1 wanted to create a world with St Lawrence’s School in the centre to show that they love each other and are stronger together. They carefully mixed paints to create different shades of green and blue and then used the paint to print their hands. They used tissue paper to collage heart shaped hands with a painted picture of our school in the middle.


Year 2 practiced their colour mixing skills to paint self portraits. They learnt how to make shades of colours by adding lighter or darker colours. They made different colours of skin shades and hair colours.  Their figures were joined together around a picture of the world with our school in the middle to show that we are stronger together.


Year 3 created their own self portraits in pencil and then used materials to make a collage. They joined their figures together to form a circle to show that we are stronger together.


Year 4 believe they are stronger together because of their differences. They began by making bricks in a wall, each with its own unique pattern. Then they cut out and painted their hands, trying to mix their skin tones as close to real life as possible.


Year 5 are proud of their individuality and embrace their differences. They believe life would be very boring if they were all the same! ‘kindness, tolerance and respect’ are the glue that hold them together and they enjoy working as a team. Their art celebrates how their individuality fits together like bricks of the Byker Wall.


Year 6 created their artwork based around the Byker Wall. They drew portraits of their families which they turned into window frames. The frames were added to a painting of the Byker Wall. They wanted to create a piece of art which showed the diversity of their families and the community they live in. Their artwork was created around the idea that, ‘Many bricks make a wall and many hearts make a school’.


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