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Cam models with Technology Tom

Year 5 were lucky enough to be visited by Technology Tom! He came to school to teach us all about cam mechanisms and helped us to create our own models.

He introduced the topic by giving us a range of practical demonstrations, which showed how levers, pivots, cams and followers worked.  We learnt that there are lots of different types of cam, including egg and snail cams, and each change the movement of the follower.


We then began to make our own cam models.  Our first job was to smooth our cam mechanism using sandpaper.


Then we joined a cam and follower to an axle and fitted it to a polystyrene block to create a pivot, so that our model could move.



Using paper, we created a design for our model and could test it out!  It also gave us the opportunity to identify any issues with our models, as well as finding improvements.

We were finally ready to create our models! We very carefully made the handle to move our cam, using a hammer and saw.


Last of all, we added to our designs and constructed our models, here are a few examples of our work!



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