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Year 6 look at treatment of Jewish people in Nazis Germany

In class we discussed how hard it was for Jewish people when Hitler took power in Germany in 1933.  He blamed them for lots of the problems in the country such as unemployment and people were so desperate that they believed him.  In 1935 he introduced the Nuremburg Laws.  The two main laws were:

  1. Jewish people could no longer call themselves German.
  2. Jewish people could no longer have non-Jewish partners or get married to people of different faiths.

On top of that Jewish children were eventually told they could no longer go to school and adults were sacked for no reason.

1938 Nazis official and police deliberately burnt down synagogues and destroyed Jewish businesses on one evening across Germany.  This was called ‘Kristallnacht’ – ‘Night of the Broken Glass’.

We listed to a ‘Now Press Play’ session on special headphones where we pretended to be a Jewish schoolchild who was bullied because of their faith, beaten up in the street and then had bricks thrown through their windows! We couldn’t believe that millions of people were treated like this by their own government.

Next week we will be looking at the Holocaust.

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